Tulsi – An Ancient Ayurvedic Herb Offering Multiple Health Benefits

Tulsi is an extremely important herb that features in various ayurvedic medicines. It is known by several other names, the most popular of these being “The Holy Basil” and “The Queen of Herbs”. The Sanskrit translation of tulsi is “The incomparable one” and given the unique properties of this plant, the name is a perfect fit. In fact, the plant holds such importance that it is linked to the figure of a Goddess within the Hindu mythology. It is a tradition of a majority of Hindu families in India to have a tulsi plant in their home and the day is started by offering prayers to it.



Benefits Offered By Tulsi

As mentioned before Tulsi is a medicinal plant and offers a wide range of health benefits. In fact different parts of the plant, including its leaves, stem, flower, roots and seeds are used to treat various ailments. Some common health benefits offered by tulsi are discussed in brief as follows.

Provide Relief From Stress And Anxiety

Tulsi is known to be a calming herb and helps in providing relief from anxiety and stress without causing sleep or drowsiness. It helps in soothing the nerves, lowering the blood pressure and reducing inflammation which in turn helps to reduce stress. It is also proves in reducing stress caused by blood pressure. This is made possible due to the ability of the herb to replace sodium and loosen the tensed blood vessel.

Helps Reduce Fever

The essential oils and polynutrients present in tulsi provide miraculous healing properties to this plant. They turn the herb into an excellent antibiotic, disinfectant, fungicidal and germicidal. Given that fever is a symptom that reflects the attempt of the body to fight less visible infections, these properties of tulsi can help provide relief.  Consuming a decoction of tulsi leaves and flowers helps in destroying the germs, bacteria or viruses that might be causing the unknown infections leading to fever.

Reduce fever

Provides Relief From Respiratory Disorders Including Asthma

Tulsi is known to be extremely effective in preventing and providing relief from various respiratory disorders including common cold, bronchitis and even asthma. The essential oils present in the   plant contain components such as camphene, cineole and eugenol which prove extremely effective in curing both chronic and acute respiratory disorders. It also helps relieve congestion besides facilitating smooth breathing in patients suffering from asthma.



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Can Help Prevent Cancer

The presence of the phytochemical eugenol in tulsi plant makes it extremely effective in preventing the growth of some types of cancers including oral cancer. It also contains ursolic acid, which is known for its apoptotic properties and can help prevent the growth of cancer. It is also known to be extremely effective against cancers of the skin, lungs and breasts. In addition, it has also shown preventive properties against liver and stomach cancer.

Helps Improve Oral Health

The anti-bacterial properties of tulsi help in eliminating the bacteria responsible for causing dental cavities, bad breath, plaque, and tar. Its astringent properties help in strengthening the gums and tightening their hold on the teeth. This helps in prevent the teeth form falling prematurely and also proves effective in reducing the chances of gum diseases.

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It proves Beneficial For Skin Care

Tulsi is known to prove extremely beneficial in fighting off a wide range of skin diseases. It helps to cure various skin disorders from within leaving the skin looking radiant and beautiful. It also provides a soothing and cooling effect to the skin while also removing any extra oil which can lead to skin problems.

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Methods Of Consuming Tulsi

Tulsi is an extremely versatile plant and almost every part of the herb is known to offer some medicinal benefits. These benefits can be exploited in several ways, depending on which part of the plant is being used. In general, the leaves of the trees are extensively used to gain various health benefits. The leaves can be either chewed raw or can be ground into a paste for topical application on skin. In addition, the leaves can also be brewed into a tea to be consumed for gaining relief from various health issues. In some cases, the leaves might be combined with other parts of the plant to form a medicinal concoction or a powdered mixture.

Tulsi Drops

Tulsi drops are the liquid extract of the tulsi plant and can be used as a daily supplement to gain the various health benefits of this medicinal herb. There are several different brands offering tulsi drops in packing of diverse quantities and even concentrations. These drops can be consumed by adding them in the suggested numbers to a single food item once or twice a day. These drops generally contain all the properties of the tulsi plant and hence are likely to provide the various associated benefits. However, it is important to verify the authenticity of the drops and to use them according to the specified instructions only.


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