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Ayurveda is considered as one of the oldest medication arts in the world. It was originally developed in ancient India. Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit words Ayur depicts life and Veda is knowledge both are termed as ‘knowledge of life’. There are mentions of ayurvedic treatments in Atharva Veda. Ayurveda is widely practiced in South Asian countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka. Ayurveda medication focuses on the use of natural substances that makes it free from any side effects. For thousands of years, ayurvedic medications are used for skincare, curing diseases, etc.

But now, it is hard to find legit companies who sell 100% original product and is one of the few websites that provides you an original product without the use of any artificial chemical. Ayurveda Experience is a place where you not only get all the ayurvedic products but also educational courses that helps you to improve daily lifestyle and diet habits to make healthy from both inside and outside.



The Ayurveda Experience founder

Rishabh Chopra Ayurveda Experience
The Ayurveda Experience was founded by Rishabh Copra in 2010. Ayurveda Experience is an online website that is engaged in manufacturing of the skincare products and selling them globally and India. It provides you with articles, videos lectures of ayurvedic experts across the world.

About the Ayurveda Experience:

The website’s interface is quite user friendly. The company deals in all kinds of skin and hair care products.

On the topmost bar of the website, you will find the all products tab that allows you to access all the features of the site. First, you will see the bestseller section, here you will get all the hot selling products on the website. Then besides that, you will get the skincare section. In this section, you will get products for your skin like facewash, day & night cream, body lotion, relaxation tools, eye care, scrubs and face cleansers, etc. on moving downward you will see New In-store section, where you will be provided with the list of the newly launched products. The Ayurveda Experience provides you two brands options in their hair and skincare line up. These are iYURA and AJARA. The Ayurveda Experience not only provides you skincare products but also gives you access to the educational course on lifestyles like weight loss lessons, Ayurveda, and paleo diet.

The Ayurveda Experience Site

The Ayurveda Experience Skin Care

Ayurveda Experience provides you the top-quality products all made from the natural herbs. Following are some of the best-selling products:

iYura Kesaradi Oil

iYURA Kesaradi Oil is the no.1 selling product on the website. It is made from a signature blend of saffron, rose, turmeric, and 16 other ayurvedic herbs. It is designed for light and gentle skin giving them benefits of the herbs. With the strong properties of saffron, this oil gives you a radiant and smooth skin texture. It brightens your dull skin by providing it a luminous complexion and moisturizes the dry skin. This oil contains no artificial binders and additives. With saffron and turmeric, this oil contains rose oil, Palashphool, Priyangu, etc.



Manjish Glow Elixir

It is a night time face massage oil that provides you’re a nourishing look. It evens your skin tone and gives a natural glow. The main ingredient used in the oil is Manjishtha or Indian Madder. It treats your skin with nutrients of ayurvedic herbs without the use of any harmful artificial chemical or substance.

Sandalwood and Rose Eye Butter

The AJARA Sandalwood eye butter is made from pure organic ghee and essential oils. Its anti-aging properties provide rejuvenation to your eyes. Sandalwood helps in even toning of your skin that closes the open skin pores and tightens the skin removing wrinkles. The aromatic essence of oil provides a fresh look to your eyes. Rose flower oil in ancient Ayurveda is believed to enhance your skin complexion, beauty, and reduce dark circles under your eyes.

Dyumati Brilliant Face and Body Dew

This product comes with two different aromas. One bottle contains a rich blend of oils of basil, lavender, orange, peppermint, patchouli. The other one contains a soothing blend of oils of lavender, geranium, and lemon. These oils enhance the radiance of the skin and remove the dryness of the skin providing its natural golden glow. Dyumati Face and Body Dew are for both face and body.

Ayurveda experience products

The Ayurveda Experience is a unique portal among all the other websites that not only provides you the ayurvedic products but also teaches you the ayurvedic techniques through which you can make your lifestyle and diet healthier.

Educational course vault contains video lectures on almost every topic of Ayurveda medication like Ayurveda on diseases, diet nutrition, and lifestyle. Following are some best-selling courses:

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Ayurveda & Thyroid Health:

This course will help you to determine the signs if you have a low or underactive thyroid. It will provide you the necessary information on the root causes of thyroid disease and how to cure them naturally. You will know why providing nutrition to your stomach will help to solve this problem. You will be provided a special thyroid diet program to cure thyroid imbalances.

Ayurveda & Autoimmune Diseases

From this video lecture, you will get to know the main causes of poor health in the body. This will teach you the lifestyle habits that will not only you to improve your body health but also helps you to achieve mental peace. You would be able to enhance the immunity system that will protect you from common diseases. You will learn the ayurvedic techniques to enhance your energy level right at the cellular level.

Effortless Weight Loss

If you are suffering from obesity and do not want to use any harmful chemical supplements. Then this video program will teach you the natural ayurvedic way to lose your weight. As from the name it is an effortless weight loss program that will not require you to make an iron-strong will to follow this program. It is a 21 days program that does not contain any use of chemical caffeine based pills but only ayurvedic practices to make you more connected to your body. You will be able to get rid of all the negative emotions from the body and make you lighter from inside.

Modern Ayurveda

Modern Ayurveda program will guide you to journey to transform your unhealthy habits with the help of Ayurveda. You will be able to sync yoga with ayurvedic to improve your mental health and reduce stress on the mind.

Ayurveda Experience Customer Service

Ayurveda Experience has an excellent customer care service. You will receive your product within 3-5 days of placing your order. The website program has a tracking option on that you can track your parcel in live time. All the products of the Ayurveda Experience come with 30 days money-back guarantee. In case you receive any damaged product or didn’t like the product. You can replace or return the product with a 100% money-back guarantee. For any details, you can contact the customer care center of the Ayurveda Experience. They are open on 5 days a week and they have the most customer-friendly staff there.

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Final Verdict

In a nutshell. It can be concluded that Ayurveda Experience is one of the best online portals out there. From which you can order Ayurvedic products without the fear of usage of any chemical substances. As Ayurveda Experience guarantees 100% authenticity of the products. Above all, you get 30 days money-back guarantee. Ayurveda Experience brings its products at the door of your home. They offer you the best in class quality products with zero % use of any artificial or chemical substance. The main motive of the company is to spread the goodness of ancient ayurvedic knowledge to the whole world. I definitely recommend using Ayurveda Experience products as they offer great value for money and with the money-back guarantee option it makes it even more worth your money.

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