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Most people use different methods to unwind and relax at the end of a long and tiring day. While some indulge in their preferred sports activities others choose to watch their favorite movie a TV show. However, a majority of people belonging to the latter category often have to pay a hefty fee to be able to watch what they truly like. Then also, they rarely get to view the latest movies immediately after their release or even the latest episodes of foreign TV shows. Thankfully, with Sharemovies, such people can easily overcome all these entertainment concerns and that too without spending a single penny.


An Overview Of Sharemovies

Sharemovies is a well-known name amongst entertainment seekers and movie lovers. It is a torrent website that offers free pirated content to the users. It provides movies and TV shows from Bollywood and Hollywood as well in other prominent regional languages. The website helps users to overcome any language barriers that might prevent them from watching their favorite flick or TV show by offering their dubbed versions and in Hindi and other languages. The fact that this website is visited by around 1-2 lakh people every day is evidence of its popularity among individuals seeking the most cost-effective ways to watch their favorite movies and TV shows.

 Type Of Content Offered By Sharemovies

When it comes to the type of content offered by Sharemovies, users can rest assured about getting a comprehensive choice. From the latest English and Hindi movies to the newest releases in Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Gujarati, etc, they can get a wide range of content that suits their taste for absolutely free. In addition, the users can also get to download popular TV shows aired on Indian and international TV channels along with complete web-series offered by various online channels for a hefty subscription fee. With so many options to choose from, the users surely find the website appealing enough and consider it the best destination to get the entertainment of their choice.

How Does Sharemovies Benefit By Offering Free Downloads

Like most other websites operating online, the ultimate objective of Sharemovies is to make profits. However, users often wonder how the website is able to do so by offering free downloads to its visitors. The answer to this question lies in the numerous advertisements that they come across while browsing the website or downloading any content. It is through these advertisements that the website earns its profits as it charges a hefty fee from the people and companies who what to market their products and services on Sharemovies. The fact that the website receives countless visitors each day provides such advertisers with a golden opportunity to create awareness about their business amongst these visitors. Hence they are willing to pay the price demanded by Sharemovies for displaying their ads and giving the business a chance to increase their client base.


Is Downloading Content From Sahremovies Safe

As mentioned before, Sahremovies offers pirated content that is basically an illegally copied version of the original movies and TV shows. Since the entire content available on the website is illegal downloading the same is definitely not safe. This is because offering and using pirated content is deemed to be an unlawful activity in India. In addition to the legal complications that the users are likely to face by downloading content from Sharemovies, they also run the risk of exposing their devices to malicious spyware and virus attacks. This is because such websites provide an easy medium for malware developers to plant their malicious software that can be used to capture the private data and information stored on the devices of the website users.

How Do These Websites Avoid Law And Stay Active

Not many users are aware of the fact that websites like Sharemovies are constantly monitored by government agencies. However, the agencies are not able to take any action against such sites as they constantly change their domain names making it extremely difficult for the agencies to apprehend the managers of such websites. Unfortunately, the agencies have now also started monitoring the users, who regularly download content from the websites, by tracking their IP addresses. To overcome this challenge, Sharemovies and other such websites advise their visitors to mask their IP addresses using various methods. Sadly, the visitors unable to do so run a high risk of getting caught in the legal net.


Adorable Souls does not in any way promote or support piracy as carried out by websites such as Sharemovies. Our only intent behind providing this write-up is to provide information to the readers and helps them make an informed decision about downloading content from such sites. We strongly advise our readers to avoid using such sites and thus cannot be held responsible for any repercussions that users might face during or after downloading content from them.

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