Red Tea – The Latest Addition To Some Of The Healthiest Teas Found Globally

The world of tea is quite diverse and boasts of a vast collection of colors including green, black, brown and even red. While most people are aware of the health numerous health benefits of drinking green, black and even brown tea, not much is known about red tea in this respect. This is because red tea is a recent addition to the list of most healthy teas from across the globe. However, before gaining a deeper insight into the health benefits of red tea, it is important to know more about the tea first.

red tea

An Overview Of Red Tea

Red tea is also known by the name of Rooibos tea and is obtained from a shrub, named Aspalathus Linearis, found originally in the Cape of Good Hope. What makes the red tea so special is that it contains at least 50% more antioxidants than those found in green tea. Moreover, the red bush tea is free of caffeine and tannins, which is a quality that not many teas can boast of. The fact, that red tea can be consumed both as a hot tea and cold drink makes it an ideal beverage. In addition to being available as a tea, there are various red tea products that can be used to gain the various benefits offered by this natural health drink.

Benefits Offered By Red Tea

Having learned about the basic aspects of red tea, it is now time to look at the various benefits that can be obtained by consuming it. The most important benefits offered by red tea are discussed as follows.

Acts As A Natural Detox

The high amounts of antioxidants in red tea which make it a powerful natural detox. The anti-oxidants help in protecting the body against free radicals. In addition, the polyphenols present in the tea offer anti-inflammatory properties that help in safeguarding the users against heart diseases. The high antioxidant levels have led to the development of red tea detox recipe which is known to be extremely effective.


Reduces The Risk Of Some Cancers

Consuming red tea is known to reduce the production of cancer-causing chemicals within the body. Here again, the large quantities of antioxidants play a vital role as they offer anti-mutagenic properties. This property helps in protecting the cells and DNA from damage while also preventing them from developing into cancer.


Helps Improve Circulation

Drinking red tea helps in improving circulation by inhibition of the activity of the enzyme that causes cardiovascular disease. It also helps in regulating blood pressure within the body besides proving effective in reducing the bad cholesterol levels for maintaining a healthy heart.

Provides Relief From Stomach Complaints

Red tea is a rich source of flavonoids, which are known to provide effective relief from a wide range of stomach ailments, including cramps, diarrhea, and indigestion. In addition, the flavonoids also help in reducing the problems of spams, inflammation, and allergies besides preventing colic in babies.

Enhances Skin Health

In addition, the skin health benefits gained by red tea detox, regular consumption of the beverage is also known to enhance overall skin beauty. The phenyl, pyretic acid found in the tea is known to provide relief in skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. The tea is also known to heal inflammation quite rapidly and effectively.


Helps Improve Insomnia

People who suffer from sleeping issues can benefit much from regular consumption of red tea. The high mineral content of the tea combined with the absence of caffeine helps in making the drinkers feel calm and relaxed. This enables them to enjoy a good night’s sleep without becoming dependent on medication.

Helps Improve Bone Strength

Red tea contains high levels of calcium and manganese which play a vital role in enhancing bone health and strength. It also helps in keeping arthritis at bay by enhancing the development of bones and joints.


Prevents Air Loss

The beverage is full of micro-nutrients such as iron, zinc, and copper which help is replenishing the essential nutrients to ensure healthy hair. It also helps in preventing hair loss by strengthening the hair follicles from within.

Protects Against Parkinson’s And Alzheimer’s

Consuming red tea on a regular basis helps in protecting the brain against lipid peridoxation, wherein the free radicals cause damage to brain cells and nerve tissues. If the process goes unchecked, it can gradually lead to the development of mental issues such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.




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