Top Amazing Pregnancy Workouts and benefits

Women during pregnancy experience various physical and also mood changes in the months before the baby’s arrival. The yoga for pregnant helps us to know and accept the changes, helps also within welfare, and avoid the stress of labor.
Although the idea is to have previously done yoga to know how it works, it is never late to start practicing and noting its benefits in a stage as complex and rewarding as pregnancy. In fact, the more moderate postures with which beginners begin are ideal for a pregnant woman.
It is recommended to wait until the second quarter to start the exercises if you’re not used to doing yoga because by then the baby will have developed a more advanced development. However, at the right place, you can wear it as soon as you want.

benefits of yoga for pregnant women

1)Yoga is the best “sport” for pregnant women. The exercises are smooth and fluid, but that does not make them less demanding. With continued practice, you will tone up your muscles, improve your flexibility and balance, and help improve blood circulation. Much of the attention will also go to the area of the perineum to facilitate the widening of the pelvis when the time comes.
Avoid the most extreme postures and adapt to what the body asks you. Gradually you will notice how the exercises improve daily activities like turning in the bed or crouching without difficulty.
2)Yoga for pregnant women can help relieve the discomfort of pregnancy, such as mood swings, shortness of breath, and swollen ankles.
3)Mothers-to-be may have precious time to bond with their babies.
4)It gives them a great help in the preparation of the moment of delivery.
5)Sharing with other women in the same condition creates an important emotional bond and gives them greater self-confidence.
6)Maintains flexibility and improves muscle tone, allowing rapid recovery after childbirth.
The practice of yoga during pregnancy can be more aware of the physical and emotional changes, feeling with fullness and experiential understanding of what happens to us, and above all helps us feel connected with the body. The relaxation of yoga, in addition, increases the flexibility, making more bearable the physical tensions of muscles and joints.

Some  Pregnancy workouts

Ardha Titali Asana

Sit and stretch your legs. Bend the right leg and place the right foot upon the left thigh as far as possible. Place your right hand over your right knee bent.

Keep your right toes with your left hand. As you inhale, gently move your right knee toward your chest. As you exhale, gently push your knee down trying to touch the ground.

pregnancy workouts



The trunk should not move. The movement of the leg should be achieved by the effort of the right arm. Repeat with the left leg. Slowly take practice around 10 strokes up and down with each leg. Without trying too hard.

Poorna Titali Asana

Sit and stretch your legs. Bend your knees and place the soles of your feet together, keeping your heels as close to the perineum area as possible. Try to completely relax the inside of the thighs.

Puran Asana
Close your feet with both hands. Gently bounce your knees up and down, like the soft flapping of a butterfly, opening and closing the pelvis. Do not use force. Repeat up to 20-30 times. Stretch your legs and relax.

Kati Chakrasana

Start with feet apart for half a meter and arms at sides. Inhale as you raise your arms at shoulder height horizontally to the floor.
Exhale and turn the body to the left, bringing the right hand to the left and supporting it on the left shoulder and wrap the left arm around the waist from behind.




Look over your left shoulder. Hold your breath for 2 seconds, inhale, and return to the starting position. Keep your feet firmly on the ground as you rotate. Repeat on the other side. Gently rotate the waist without jerks. Make rounds of 5 to 10 turns.

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