Popcorn – A Safe, Natural And Healthy Snack Food Item

Contrary to the popular belief, popcorn is not just another modern day snack food item. Rather it is one of the oldest natural snack foods known to man and has grown in popularity over the years.  The anytime snack food popcorn is made from whole grains and is extremely healthy thanks to its high anti-oxidant levels and low-calorie count. The air-popped corn kernels are loaded with various important nutrients and hence offer a wide range of health benefits. Another important chemical found in popcorn is the chemical polyphenol, which helps in eliminating free radicals and other similar cell-damaging elements from the body.


As mentioned before, popcorn is one of the oldest snacks and this is evident from the fact that its remnants dating back to as early as 3600 BC have been found in Mexico. In the modern times, the snack was rediscovered in the 19th century, when it was prepared manually on stove-tops. However, the snack actually started gaining popularity in the 1890s after the invention of the popcorn making the machine by Charles Cretors. By the turn of the century, street carts equipped with popcorn making machines had become a common sight on the American streets. Today, apart from enjoying the corns popped by the advanced versions of these machines, the lovers of snack food popcorn can get it in pre-packed from their local provision stores. They can even prepare it easily at home in their oven within just a matter of minutes.

The low-calorie content along with the high amount of fiber found in popcorn makes it a great weight loss friendly food. In fact, a cup of air-popped popcorn contains as low as 31 calories which are significantly lesser than the number of calories found in a similar serving of potato chips. Moreover eating snack food popcorn ted to make the consumers feel fuller as compared to eating other popular snacks. The high level of satiety provided by popcorn along with its high nutritional value makes it the right choice for people looking to lose some weight. However, it is important to consume the snack in moderate quantities and after ensuring that it is prepared using the low-fat content.

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