Palm Kernel Oil – The Right Choice For People Seeking A Healthy Oil Option

Over the past several years, there has been a growing preference amongst people for naturally healthy foods. In this respect, the palm tree has come to be recognized as the richest trees offering various natural resources. The most important of these resources is perhaps the palm kernel oil, obtained from the fruit of the tree. This dark black colored oil is known for its uniquely strong smell and taste. The oil is particularly well known for its healing properties and multiple health benefits, especially in preventing fatal diseases. However, before learning about the various palm kernel oil benefits, it is essential to learn more about this oil.

palm kernel oil

More About Palm Kernel Oil

The palm tree is native to the tropical African countries including Angola, Nigeria, and Guinea. However, today it is also found in various other regions across the globe, such as Malaysia, Central America and around the Pacific Ocean. It has been used for age by African others to treat infections, for the beautification of hair and skin as well as to prevent diseases. The black-colored palm kernel oil is obtained by using the traditional method of heating the kernels for oil extraction. A light yellow coloured version is also available in the market, which is obtained using the cold pressing method. Irrespective of their extraction methods, both these types of oils offer following priceless health benefits to the users.

Has Zero Cholesterol:

One of the biggest benefits offered by palm kernel oil is that it has zero cholesterol. This makes it an ideal choice of a cooking medium for people intending to reduce weight. It is also a great choice for people facing the problem of high cholesterol and heart ailments. It is a rich source of healthy unsaturated fats and palm kernel oil saturated fat content promotes good heart health. The oil is also known to be extremely beneficial in regulating blood pressure levels and preventing cardiovascular problems.

palm kernel oil

Rich Source Of Antioxidants:

Palm kernel oil is a rich source of vitamin E and antioxidants and hence offers great anti-aging benefits. It helps in reducing the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines. It also proves effective in protecting the skin against various toxins and harmful UV rays. Including palm kernel oil in the everyday diet helps in keeping the skin looking healthy and youthful. The users can also try the palm kernel oil soap recipe to prevent rashes and other skin problems.

Improve Hair Health:

The oil extracted from palm kernel seeds is effective in strengthening the hair and improving its growth. Regular palm kernel oil hair massage can also help in preventing hair loss and also reducing the growth of dandruff. The hot oil treatment also helps in soothing the scalp and increasing the hair volume making it look thicker and shinier. Most importantly it helps n keeping the hair moisturised enhancing its beauty and strength.



Offer Eye Care Benefits:

Being a rich source of vitamin A makes the oil extracted from palm kernel seeds extremely beneficial for eye care. The oil helps in rectifying ailments such as night blindness as well as the problems of long and short-sightedness. The high amounts of vitamin E present in the oil also help in improving the vision and preventing various eye disorders.



Prevent Cancer And Treat Epilepsy:

The organic palm kernel oil is known to be extremely effective in preventing cancer and treating convulsions in children. The high vitamin E content of the oil helps in detoxifying the body and removing free radicals. This minimizes the chances of cell damage, which in turn proves effective in inhibiting specific types of cancer. In the same manner, the healing properties of the oil help in combating the effects of epilepsy attack and providing great relief to the patients, especially kids.

Other Uses Of Palm Kernel Oil

In addition to providing the above mentioned major health benefits palm kernel oil is also put to various other uses. Β It is extensively used in the beauty and cosmetics industry as a major ingredient for various products. Similarly, it is also used in oil processing, food and pharmaceutical industries. In many industries, it is used as a lubricant besides which the seed cake produced during extraction of palm kernel oil is used as animal feed. One of the major reasons behind the popularity of this oil is that it offers an extended shelf life. Unlike most other vegetable oils, it does not oxidize even at extremely high temperatures.




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