Pain Relief Patch – An Effective Way For Managing Pain

pain relieving patches have emerged as one of the most effective ways of gaining temporary relief from chronic pain. These transdermal analgesic patches can be used by people of all age groups and are generally available in two varieties. These include the counter-irritant patches which contain a combination of capsaicin, camphor, menthol or methyl salicylate and are used for treating mild to moderate pains. The other variety is that of fentanyl patches which contain opioid fentanyl and are used to provide relief from moderate to severe pains.

Pain Relief Patch

Β In addition to medicated patches, heat pads and belts are also available that work in a similar manner to provide pain relief. These pads or belts are based on the age-old principle of using heat for relaxing cramped muscles and reducing pain in an effective manner. Most modern heat pads are either battery operated or use electricity for heating up the thermostat and providing pain relief.

Amongst the various factors that have led to the rise in the popularity of pain relief patches and heat pads, their convenience of use and efficiency are the most important. The users can carry around these patches and pads in their pockets or pouches and use them discreetly to manage their pain effectively for a short duration. These patches can come in quite handy to allow the people suffering from chronic pain issues to lead an almost normal life. The brief details of some the most reliable patches from renowned medicare brands are given as follows.

Viopatch Pain Relief Patch

This is a 100% herbal and waterproof patch that provides effective pain relief in a non-greasy and non-messy way for up to 12 hours. The patch is pasted directly on the affected area and this ensures the delivery of a greater dose of pain relief drugs to the area as compared to oral medication. Unlike the oral medication, it does not need to ingest, which makes is significantly safer by by-passing the digestive system. It offers controlled dosage to the area in a constant manner which eliminates the need to reapply it after every few hours. You can buy original Viopatch Pain Relief Patch in a hassle-free manner by clicking the link given below.




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Vioheat Electric Heat Belt

As the name suggests, this heat based pain relief pad that can be wrapped around the affected area like a belt. The belt is designed to offer a soft cushiony feel and is extremely flexible thanks to its stretchable Velcro belt. It also features a heat regulator that enables the users to change the heat levels between low, medium and high. The belt also features an inbuilt thermostat that helps to maintain temperature and enhance the safety of the belt. However, the belt should not be used for more than 20 minutes and should be kept away from moisture. The belt can be used to gain pain relief in areas of knee, neck, calf, elbow and even back. Buy this extremely safe and easy to use pain relief belt now by clicking the link below.


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Expressions Orthopaedic Joint Heat Pad

This versatile heat pad is designed to offer rapid pain relief from joint and muscle pains, spinal disorders and even pain caused by abscesses and boils. The pad features an in-built thermostat that provides a soothing heat effect to help the muscles relax and ease the pain. It also offers two different heat levels that can be adjusted easily as per the user needs. The multilayer insulation provided on both sides of the pad helps in retaining the heat for a longer time and ensuring effective pain relief. This is a perfectly safe option for people of all ages seeking pain relief in various body areas, especially in joint and muscles. Get this versatile heat pad right now by clicking the link provided below.


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Sabar Healthcare Electric Orthopedic Heating Pad

This heating pad is designed to deliver gradual, controllable, penetrating and soothing heat to specific body parts for providing effective pain relief. The belt features PTFE (Teflon) coated heating element and automatic thermal cut-off to ensure 100% user safety. Its specially designed PVC coating enhances the overall strength of the belt and its two-level heat setting improves user convenience. It comes with a washable cotton cover and a Q.C. Certification. The pad is large enough to cover the entire back of the users and provide quick relief from back pains and bone and joint related disorders. Click the below-given link to order the heating pad now in a hassle-free manner.


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Expressions Soft Cervical Neck Heat Pad

As the name indicates, this heat pad is primarily designed to provide relief from cervical pain in the neck. However, the pad can be used for effective pain management in other parts of the body. The pad offers a distributed heating effect across the affected areas to relax the muscles and provide rapid pain relief. The inbuilt thermostat is designed for better heating effect in a safe manner and comes with a 90-degree temperature cut-off. Buy this versatile heat pad now to ensure better pain management by clicking the below given link.


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