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Have you ever wondered how the world’s richest people made their names? Even after giving your 100%, you still fail but are you sure to let these things decide your limits.

You must have heard of the phrase “Life has no limitations unless you make them”. So, if you want to overcome these false limits that have been set by your subconscious mind and turn your life from a normal person to a successful man. Then, to help you in this Sebastian Soul has created an online program named Money Manifestation MagnetSebastian Soul is a certified spiritual coach. 


What’s so good about the Money Manifestation Magnet program? This program focuses on the concept of Energy orbiting. This concept is the most efficient technique to eliminate all the negative thoughts into a deep level of your subconscious mind making you utilize your brain to its full potential.

Money Manifestation Magnet Mantra

Manifestation Magnet is an online program based on ‘Law of Attraction’ that helps to make you more optimistic and positive about your goals. This theory says that a person can imagine their success and materialize this energy in fulfilling your desires by overcoming every obstacle in your path. According to Sebastian Soul, there are two reasons behind the false limits set up by your mind, first your brain struggles in maintaining a high vibration that inhibits your brain to maintain high energy in the long run which can affect your performance over time. Second, the negative feelings and thought that put shackles on your confidence and lowers your performance level.

Manifestation Magnet is here to solve all these problems. It contains Brain entertainment audios are based on the concept of Energy Orbiting that eliminates all the negative emotions, false beliefs that holds you back from fulfilling your desires by increasing vibrations produced by the brain. These audios and sound technology are developed by expert audio engineers and musicians. vibration helps your subconscious mind to overcome all the limitations set by it.

Money Manifestation Meaning

So, what it exactly means to manifest money. It can be described as the power of the brain that motivates you to cross all your limits and utilize your full potential in achieving your desires.

Money Manifestation Magnet Course

Money Manifestation Magnet program contains 6 audio meditation lectures. These audio lectures will totally change your thinking about money manifestation. Following are the audio lectures:

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Money Manifestation Meditation 1: Change Your Mind About Money

This first audio lecture is based on the famous principal Law of Attraction. This principle will help you to effortlessly transform your subconscious mind without making your conscious mind realizing it. By breaking your traditional way of thinking about the money. This travel hack will adjust new beliefs about money in mind providing you a self-confidence. You will be able to break through from all of your false limiting beliefs that hold back your true potential and all these will turn into motivation to manifest money. You will be able to drain all of your old negative emotions and it makes you feel more optimistic about yourself. With this meditation podcast, you will be able to quickly analyze any defeatist thought and could handle it that will prevent you from questioning your own abilities. This audio lecture contains special vibrations that will change your brain’s perspective into a millionaire’s and will help you in experiencing the emotions that a millionaire feels every day. Simply it matches your brain vibrations to that of a millionaire’s brain vibrations. The pathway script will give you real power to manifest a huge amount of money.

Money Manifestation Meditation 2: Rewrite Your Financial History

This meditation lecture is based on the Prosperity Creation principle that will allow you to create a mindset of a rich person. You will be to build your own prosperous wealth-based story. With a change in your perception of the past, you will be able to build a new future. It includes a unique questioning technique that will allow you to relate your story with riches, wealth, and financial abundance. This questionnaire is included in the meditation lecture.


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Money Manifestation Meditation 3: Wealth Creation Mantra

This audio meditation lecture is based on the Instant Realization Principle that will you to naturally transform from money scarcity into a huge financial abundance. Your mind takes a few days to get used to this realize your transformation. This Realization Mantra technique is more than 200 years old. The audio vibration relaxes your body and frees you from every stress and anxiety. When your body reaches a relaxed state, your mind becomes more alert and enhances the effect of audio teachings. It lets your body implement all the changes correctly. By practicing this method now, you will be able to make future prosper. It does not let your subconscious mind implement false limitations on your body. Every day you will feel the difference in your motivation level.

Money Manifestation Meditation 4: Appreciation of Your Financial Abundance

This meditation program eliminates all your negative thoughts on your abundance. It is based on the principle of Unlock the Wealth Door that allows your body to release endorphins that will regulate the energy level of your body and set it on the receiving frequency. It sure sounds like an impossible but it is a scientifically proven process. You will start to drain all the negative beliefs on your current financial abundance. When these hormones start to work you will never you are poor. It will slowly make you realize the difference between the mindset of a millionaire and a common person. This realization will help you to rise above this mindset of a common person. This meditation also features some hand moving and resting that will make your body feel the love of money. Acceptance of Your Current financial state boosts the confidence and prepares you to overcome any obstacles to achieve a big financial abundance. Ultimately, it targets your subconscious mind and makes it realize the importance of financial abundance.

Money Manifestation Meditation 5: The Vibration Loves Money

This meditation lecture only focuses on Brain Entertainment audio in it. The vibrations in this are so powerful that it will release stress from your body and allows your brain to produce more vibrations to raise your confidence level. This meditation lecture is the most important step to master in your path to achieving a handsome financial abundance. It acts as a game-changer method that allows you to quickly produce the most powerful positive emotions that will serve as a magnet to manifest money. This method can be somewhat strange but it is the most effective way if your goal is to become a rich and wealthy person in your coming future.

When the first command of your day introduces you to the life of a rich person. The amount of the vibration that your brain produces will increase resulting in an increased capacity of energy that will help you get the most out of your hard work.

Money Manifestation Meditation 6: The Clear Intention to Attract Money

This last meditation lecture gives the final touch to your journey to manifest money. The law of attraction method is used by many spiritual gurus that make your money attraction intention so strong that it is next to impossible that you do not manifest money.

The things you have learned from the previous meditation lectures. After this lecture, those emotions will become iron-strong and you will have one clear intention in your mind that is to manifest as much money as possible. It is very essential to maintain high vibration count at this particular point to keep your performance going up. The co-ordination of conscious and subconscious will make this possible.

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Additional Bonuses

Money Manifestation Magnet package not only includes the six main meditation audio lectures but also it also includes some valuable additional bonuses that will provide an extra to your skill. The following are the 5 bonuses that you will get absolutely free with your Money manifestation Magnet.

Bonus #1: The Exact Affirmation and Manifestation Process I Used to Manifest $7,834 in 9 Days

This program will tell you about mistakes that many creators and businessmen all over the world. These types of mistakes can make a huge impact when your goal is to manifest a large sum of money. It also tells the experience of the author and his journey from severe depression to a guy with a key to manifesting financial abundance.

This program will guide you, how to manifest money through powerful affirmations. You can increase the impact of your emotional energy by combing correct affirmation work.

Bonus #2: How to Start a Lifestyle Business That at Least $1000 a Month

This program is for building a good business and teaches you how you can avoid the worst mistakes. If your goal is to become a successful businessman then this program is for you. It includes many tips and tricks that could come handy and save your time. By saving time and utilizing it somewhere else you can increase your money manifestation. It prevents you from having negative emotions because these things can distract your focus and also reduce the vibration level in your brain.

Bonus #3: Money Making Ideas Meditation

This meditation program is all about tapping your subconscious mind and through which you can extract different ideas to manifest money. It also guides you from the concepts of the law of attraction to help you in making new ideas. This program will teach many different techniques and methods from which you can manifest your own ideas that will help you to increase your income. It also features a special questionnaire and word sequence that would help you in transforming your brain into a creative center.

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Bonus #4: Inside Mind of 55 Millionaires Audio Course (64 minutes of Pure Value)


This lecture is 64 minutes audio lecture featuring life-changing fundamentals of many famous personalities and millionaires. It includes life stories of celebrities like Denzel Washington, Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant, etc. Not only that you will also know about their success mantra. From these stories and lifestyle techniques, your brain will build a focused mindset that is the most important thing if your goal is to become a millionaire.


Bonus #5: Immune System Booster Audio Course (25 minutes of Life Saving Advice)

It is said that ‘a healthy body leads to a healthy mind’. Your path of becoming a successful person goes through a healthy mind that can handle stress and anxiety. No matter how you try, if your body is not healthy than it is all worthless. This lecture is a 25 minutes audio course on how you can boost your immunity system. So, you could have a long and healthy lifespan. This program contains all the information on different types of diets suiting your requirements. You will find the advantages of including vitamins and proteins in your diet. You also find tips to avoid many diseases and to make your immune system stronger.

Money Manifestation Magnet

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that Money Manifestation Magnet is a program that focuses on energy orbiting and using it in manifesting large sums of money. It is a complete package that will change the way of thinking about money. The author Sebastian Soul is a certified spiritual guru and all methods and techniques mentioned in the course are tried and tested. With Sebastian’s experience as a spiritual guru chances of any mistake is next to impossible. This online podcast course has changed thousands of lives and you can be next. This online program prepares your mind for money-making strategies and teaches you the best way to use the Law of Attraction to fulfill your desires. Above all, Money Manifestation Magnet comes with 30 days money-back guarantee that makes it even more worth a try. I highly recommend this online program to those who really want to create a huge financial abundance and make their life happy and full of adventures.




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