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Kutty Movies is a well-known torrent website that provides copied content of original movies in Hindi, English and various other regional languages.  The website offers this content for free making it a favorite destination of the movie from across the country. People using the website can choose to either download the content or can even stream the content directly from here and that too without paying anything. In addition to getting the latest movies, the users can also enjoy getting content of popular TV shows and web-series from this site for absolutely free.

Kutty movies

What Is Kutty Movies?

In the simplest terms, Kutty movies is a website that offers pirated movies online for free download and streaming. While the site has primarily Tamil and Telugu content, it also provides Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati and even Bengali movies in illegal downloadable format. Even though the site has been blocked by the government on several occasions, it is reactivated, almost immediately through the simple act of changing the domain name and IP address.

Downloading Content From Kutty Movies

Downloading content from Kutty movies is extremely easy, even though it might take some time. The site offers movies categorized alphabetically from A –Z, making it easier for users to find the movie they want to download or stream. In addition, all the latest releases available on the site are provided on the home page itself, and the users just need to click their favorite one to start downloading or streaming it.

Movies In Various Regional Languages

One of the biggest reasons behind the immense popularity of Kutty movies is that it offers movies in various languages. This means that the users can watch the latest movies released in Hindi or English and dubbed in a language of their choice. The same also holds true in reverse, which means that users can download or stream a Hindi or English dubbed version of a movie originally released in a regional language.

No Registration No Sign Up Required

As mentioned before, all the content provided by Kutty movies is available for free download and streaming. This means that the users do not need to register with the website or create a login account to gain access to their favorite movies. They simply need to open the website and start downloading the movie or other content of their choice after having found it.

Quality Of Content Provided By Kutty Movies

The quality of content provided by Kutty Movies is quite good, despite the fact that it is a pirated copy of the original version. There is almost zero distortion sound and picture and in most cases, even the deleted scenes are included in the content. This ensures a wholesome viewing experience for the users, who naturally throng the website in large numbers.

Kutty Movies Forum

The website also offers a forum where the users can discuss the latest movies and even put in requests to upload movies that they might want to download or stream. This helps to further enhance overall user experience and also helps the people associated with the site to gauge understand the preferences of their users.

Latest Movies Available On Kutty Movies

As mentioned before, users can download all the latest movies in various languages from the website. The latest movies are available in both HD and SD format and in the case of regional language movies, their dubbed versions are also available. Movies like, War, The Dark Pheonix, Sye Raa, etc are all available for free download and streaming on Kutty Movies.

Method Of Revenue Generation

Like, most other websites, Kutty Movies also aims to earn money and even though they do not charge anything from the users, they do make a decent profit. The revenue earned by Kutty Movies comes from the numerous advertisements of other businesses and websites displayed on the site. In fact, these ads are a major reason for the time taken in downloading movies from the site. Businesses offer huge sums to sites like Kutty Movies to display their ads as these sites attract a large number of visitors on a daily basis.

How It Affects The Producers’ Business

By enabling people to download and stream pirated movies, Kutty Movies cause a great loss to the movie producers and distributors. Their box office income is reduced significantly and people tend to influence the ratings of the movie with their negative reviews.

Is Downloading Content From The Site Safe

Downloading movies and other content from sites like Kutty movies is definitely not a safe option. These sites are often the breeding ground for online miscreants, who can cause serious damage and loss to people visiting the website for downloading content.

Risks Associated With Downloading Content From Kutty Movies

There are several risks associated with downloading content from Kutty movies. These include, the user systems being attacked by viruses and other malicious software, their private data being accessed and used illegally. Most importantly, such users might come under the scanner of government agencies monitoring the activities taking place on such sites.

Precautions That Can Be Taken While Downloading Content

There is no absolute solution for eliminating the risks associated with downloading content from sites like Kutty Movies, other than completely avoiding such websites. However, users can take the following precautions to minimize the risks somewhat.

  • Install antivirus
  • Don’t open all the links
  • Avoid clicking on unusual ads
  • Scan each downloaded file before running it

Safer Alternates To Kutty Movies

The best way to avoid the risks associated with downloading content from Kutty Movies is to look for safer alternatives for getting the latest movies. These might include subscribing to various online channels or even buying the CDs and DVDs of the latest movies which are generally cheaper than movie tickets.


Piracy is illegal and a punishable offense under the Indian Law. We at AdorableSouls do not support websites offering pirated content in any manner. The above article is exclusively for informational purpose and users should choose to download content from Kutty Movies at their own discretion. We shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss suffered by the users in such cases.

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