Interesting ways to Increase Height Faster with Natural Way

Every one of us desires to become tall. Many of us have spent our childhood hanging on the monkey bars or cycling for long hours just to stand shoulder to shoulder with our father but have failed to do so! Some of us even wonder whether it is possible to increase height in a natural way even after we cross the actual age of growing Human height depends on several factors like as genetic and non-genetic factors, including environmental factors and nutrition. Yoga postures to help gain in height, despite these factors and . you will get wonderful results within a few months.

increase height


Surya Namaskar for Increase Height:-

This asana is the sun salutation. It consists of 12 poses that should be done in a cyclical manner. This helps in stretching the muscles and weight gain.

increase height


Sukhasana For Increase Height After 22:-

All yoga poses start to form this asana and are said to be the center position in yoga. This is a beginner’s pose. This yoga asana helps in controlling our breathing and at the same time tone down our lower back and hips.



Wheel Pose or Chakrasana Height Increase Exercise:-

This yoga asana is supposed to increase your height at any age. When you do this asana, it makes your body flexible and spine more elastic. This asana is also known as the wheel pose.

Wheel Pose


Cobra Height Increase Yoga:-

The Cobra pose stretches muscles in the shoulders, chest and abdominal region. It helps increase height by aiding in achieving a better posture.

Cobra Posture

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Tadasana Yoga For Height (Tree Pose):-

The Tree pose is an ideal posture to lengthen and straighten the spine to increase your height.


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Natrajasana Yoga Benefits (Lying down body twist):-

The Wheel pose stretches the lungs and chest while strengthening the muscles of the buttocks, legs, calves, wrists, arms, and spine


Natrajasan Pose

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