Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Circles In A Natural And Effective Manner

Dark circles are one of the most common beauty problems faced by people that generally lead to the darkening of the skin around the eyes. Although the development of dark eye circles is not indicative of any serious skin ailment, it makes people look older, unhealthy and tired. Dark circles can be caused due to a variety of reasons including ageing, hereditary and even prolonged illness and crying. Thankfully, there are several easy home remedies that can help individuals get rid of dark circles in an effective manner. The most common of these are discussed as follows.

Dark Circles

Cucumber for Dark Circles:

Cucumber is known mostly for its cooling effects. However, most people are unaware of the fact that this fibre-rich food is also has skin-lightening and mildly astringent properties, which make them an effective treatment to reduce dark circles. The best way to use this remedy is by placing freshly cut cucumber slices in the chiller for around half an hour. Then these chilled slices should be placed on the affected area for 10 min, and later the area should be washed with water. To get the best results, the process should be repeated twice a day for one week or until the dark circles get cured.

cucumber for dark circles


Tomato is a fruit that is mostly used as a vegetable and has naturally powerful bleaching properties along with skin lightening effects. Using this method of dark circle treatment is extremely easy and requires mixing one teaspoon of tomato juice with half a teaspoon of lemon juice. This mixture is then gently applied to the affected areas and then allowed to sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with cool water. The remedy should be followed twice a day for 203 weeks to get rid of the dark circles. Alternatively, drinking a glass of tomato juice having mint leaves and lemon juice as well as salt, twice a day for about a week can also prove quite effective.


Almond Oil:

This natural oil is considered extremely beneficial for skin and when combined with Vitamin E oil, it can act as an effective remedy for under eye dark circles. To get the best results, individuals should apply a small quantity of almond oil on the dark circles before going to bed. The oil should be massaged gently on the affected area till it is almost absorbed into the skin. It should then be left on overnight before washing it off with cold water the next morning. The process should be repeated every day until the dark circles fade away completely.

Almond oil for dark circles

Raw Potato:

Raw potato is a rich source of natural bleaching agents and also helps to reduce the extra puffiness around the eyes. This method of treatment involves grating one or two raw potatoes and extracting their juice. A cotton ball soaked in this juice should be placed on the eyes by the individuals in such a manner that the juice covers the dark circles completely. The juice should be allowed to sit for 10-15 min before rinsing the area thoroughly with cool water. Forgetting the best results, the process should be repeated once or twice daily for a few weeks until the dark circles fade away. In case extracting potato, the juice is not possible, placing thick slices of raw potato on the affected area will produce similar results.


Rose Water:

Rose water forms an integral part of almost every skin care routine since it has excellent skin rejuvenation properties. It is not only an effective way to get rid of dark circles under eyes but also has a soothing effect when individuals feel tiredness in their eyes. It is also used as a skin toner given its mild astringent properties. The best way to use rose water for getting rid o dark circles is to place cotton pads soaked in this water on the eyes with eyelids closed. The pads should be left in place for around 15 min and the treatment should be repeated twice daily for a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

rose water for dark circles


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