High Blood Pressure Treatment Naturally and quickly with Home remedies

Blood pressure is like the thermometer health. Hypertension or high blood pressure means that your heart is working harder account to pump blood.
This is dangerous because it can cause heart attack, a stroke or a kidney disorder. Therefore, it is very important to keep a check on blood pressure.
High blood pressure can also be caused by kidney disease, diabetes, and overweight concerns.
There are other cases where the cause of the disease is not known and it has even been thought that it could be hereditary.
Blood pressure readings are usually given as two numbers. The higher number is called systolic blood pressure. The lower number is called diastolic blood pressure.
. High blood pressure or hypertension (HTA) is considered one of the most dangerous diseases to humans, so it is a serious public health problem. It mainly consists of the continuous increase of blood pressure of the arteries, which can cause serious complications and even death.

High Blood Pressure

Symptoms of high blood pressure

In most cases, there are no symptoms. In most people, high blood pressure is detected when they visit their health care provider or have it measured elsewhere.
Because there is no symptom, people can suffer heart disease and kidney problems without knowing that they have high blood pressure.
The malignant hypertension is a dangerous form of high blood pressure. Symptoms include:
• A severe headache
• Confusion
• Changes in vision
• Nasal bleeding
• Lack of sleep
• Weakness
• Nosebleed

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Oats: –

The oatmeal is another natural product that, thanks to its components, can be of great help to fight high blood pressure or hypertension. Oats contain a lot of soluble fibre, which significantly lowers levels of bad cholesterol. As we know, this type of cholesterol has a significant incidence in raising the pressure. It is best to eat a bowl of oatmeal during breakfast. In this way, you attack two problems at the same time.


Lemon Juice:-

A good home remedy for controlling high blood pressure is to take lemon juice mixed with coconut water because this juice has diuretic properties that help in regulating blood pressure.
Take 3 Lemons,200ml of coconut water. Mix ingredients well and drink then. Take 1 time per day.

lemon juice


At the University of Barcelona, it was discovered that with the mere fact of ingesting a tablespoon of olive oil stabilises the structure of red blood cells that with hypertension has been altered.

Olive Oil

Black Chocolate: –

Some studies, such as that conducted at the University of Cologne, Germany, suggest that consuming black chocolate has a positive effect in reducing high blood pressure. This is mainly because chocolate contains flavonoids, an element that is very important to keep in good heart. However, experts recommend consuming small doses of dark chocolate and not those that include milk.

Black Chocolates

Water: –

Drink lots of water. At least 10 glasses a day.

Water Drink

Avoid excessive consumption of salt

Excessive salt intake has become a major cause of the increase in patients with high blood pressure.
And it is that not only account that is added to homemade meals, but also the containing the processed products and packaging.
Always check labels and purchase those that are salt-free or very low in sodium.

White Salt
In addition, at home, you can substitute with other healthy spices that also give a good flavour to foods.

Avoid the cigarette

Toxic and stimulant cigarette compounds raise blood pressure above normal levels.
Not only help control this condition but will help us to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases and respiratory system.

Avoid Smoking


The daily practice of 20 or 30 minutes of exercise is sufficient to support the main functions of the cardiovascular system.
This type of activity activates circulation, helps to eliminate toxins and prevents hypertension.
Attends all these tips and practice the Chinese method for lowering blood pressure and enjoy a better quality of life.
Of course, be sure to keep the levels stable because it is not convenient to lower too much (hypotension).

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