10 Bad Habits That Can Result In Serious Hair Damage

With long, healthy and beautiful hair being considered one of the most important aspects of the beauty and impressive personality of an individual, the problem of extensive hair damage can be extremely depressing. So it is important for such individuals to focus on their everyday habits that might be making their tresses weak. Identifying the bad habits for hair damage can prove to be the most important step that such individuals can take in the direction preventing hair loss. Discussed below are ten such habits that can enhance hair damage significantly.

hair damage

                                      10 Reasons for Hair Damage

  1. Excessive Use Of Chemical Products:

    The use of chemical based hair products has become commonplace. While the limited use of such products can surely provide some health and beauty benefits for the hair, their excessive use is sure to cause much damage to the tresses. From hair relaxers and hair dyes to bad hair sprays, infusing their locks with too many chemicals can have disastrous consequences.

    Bad spray

  2. Irresponsible Use Of Hair Styling Tools:

    The market is flooded with a wide range of styling tools that can help in enhancing the personality and appeal of an individual. However, most people tend to use these tools in an irresponsible manner, which can cause irreparable hair damage. Many hair experts even compare the frequent use of these tools equivalent to individuals practically pulling hair out with their own hands.

    bad hair style tools

  3. Hard Brushing Wet Hair:

    Most people are ignorant of the fact that wet hair is extremely delicate and fragile and hence do not understand the extent of damage that can be caused by combing it. In fact, people fail to comprehend this fact even after they experience a considerable increase in hair fall while aggressively brushing wet hair as compared to doing so when the hair is dry.

    hard Brushing on wet hair

  4. Wearing Tight Hair Styles:

    Tight hairstyles are often preferred by people seeking a clean clutter-free look for long hours. However, such individuals are generally unaware of the fact that these styles cause extreme pressure and stress on the hair roots and often result in pain that is similar to pulling out hair. This is turn causes extensive damage to the hair by reducing its elasticity and increasing its brittleness, resulting in hair loss.

    Tight Hair Style

  5. Washing The Hair Too Often

    : It is a common perception that in order to keep the hair healthy, it is important to keep it clean. Washing the hair frequently is considered by most people to be the best way to ensure the same. However, frequent washing, especially with a bad hair shampoo, deprives the hair of essential nutrients and moisture making it dry and brittle and prone to easy damage.

    Bad Shampoo

  6. Reckless Backcombing:

    Many hairstyles require the individuals to backcomb the hair more than a few times. Although this might create an impressive hair style, it is done at the cost of creating difficult to resolve hair tangles as well as increase the occurrence of split ends. In either case, the hair suffers much damage and people might even have to suffer from hair twirling disorder.

    hair twirling disorder

  7. Not Allowing The Hair To Breathe:

    Many people believe that keeping their hair tied up in a not too tight manner can help prevent hair damage. While it may be true to some extent, keeping the hair tied up at all times, even while sleeping is not actually helpful. In fact not allowing the hair to breathe can cause various problems including dandruff growth, weakening of hair follicles, excessive moisture and loss of elasticity which makes the hair brittle.

    Hair tie up

  8. Too Much Exposure To Sun:

    Most individuals are extremely cautious about protecting their skin against sun damage, however, adapt a careless approach when it comes to protecting their hair. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to completely ignore the importance of exposing their hair to sunlight for too long. Such regular exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun can, in fact, cause the hair to be deprived of essential nutrients and moisture resulting in its damage.

    sunhair damage

  9. Improper Dietary Habits:

    Poor eating habits have been established as another major cause of hair damage. In fact, many hair care experts believe that the tresses of people are a reflection of what they eat. Eating unhealthy foods lacking ample quantities of protein, iron and vitamin E can not only cause the hair to become thinner but also lead deficiency of essential nutrients that enhance hair health. Consuming natural foods is essential to make the hair strong and prevent it from breaking easily.

    Eating Unhealthy food

  10. Investing In Bad Hair Products:

    Bad hair products are the biggest reasons for considerable hair damage. However, bad hair products are not restricted only to chemical-based products, but rather include any products that might not be suitable for the unique hair type of individuals. Choosing a product just because it is made from natural ingredients does not guarantee it’s being suitable for all hair types.

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