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GreatAndhra is an online news and entertainment portal catering mainly to the audiences belonging to the Telugu community. Put in the simplest terms, the website provides offers the latest news about the happenings in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as well as from around the world in general. The portal also provides the latest entertainment news, movie reviews, and gossip and much more. People can easily access the website to read their favorite news stories and that too without spending a single penny on buying newspapers or subscribing to news and entertainment channels.


About The Website

GreatAndhra was first established as a  web news portal in California, USA in the year 2002 by Venka Arikatla. Later the team expanded the services of the portal into politics, movies and for providing latest updates about the states of Telangana and Andhara Pradesh in India. The portal is quite popular amongst the people belonging to the Telugu community both in India and abroad. The website offers information in both English and Telugu languages. It is updated every half-hour to ensure that the visitors and users get the latest information they seek from the field of politics and movies.

Assessing Website Design

The website has been designed to ensure maximum convenience and user-friendliness for the visitor. The simple layout is divided into separate sections that make for a great browsing experience. The topmost section displays the various categories of pages that are apart of the website. The poster of the latest Telugu movie released followed by its details including its cast, story, and review, etc form a major section of the home page. The right-hand section features the headlines of the latest political and entertainment news from Telangana and AP. Most of the remaining home-page is covered by different advertisement and there is a section at the end where visitors can leave their comments.

What The Website Focuses On

As mentioned before, GreatAndhra is primarily a news and entertainment website. Hence, it focuses primarily on providing news related to the political happening and the Telugu movie and TV industry. Visitors can learn about the goings-on in the politics of Telangana and AP, what major leaders have said and even about their supposed reactions to major events. In addition, visitors can also read the reviews of newly released Telugu movies, their box office performance, activities of the most prominent stars from the Telugu entertainment industry and even the juiciest gossips from the industry. Sadly, the website does not provide much information about national or global news and entertainment.

Exploring The Website

The website is extremely user-friendly and users enjoy smooth and hassle-free browsing and navigation experience across its pages really fast. Since the information is updated every half-hour, users can be assured of getting the latest information about their state and their favorite stars and movies with minimal delay. While the users do not need to sign-in to create an account to read the various news stories, they are required to have one to post a comment. The account creation is done absolutely free of cost and the information provided by the users is kept completely safe and private.

Quality And Type Of Content

The information provided on the website is really relevant to the focus area that the portal is designed for. The entire team including the managers and editors of the website are committed to ensuring the highest quality of the content. The website makes use of only the simplest language for creating the most effective content that the visitors can easily understand. The content is also checked and double-checked for any spelling, grammatical and contextual mistakes. This is done to avoid any misunderstanding and misinterpretation of news that may lead to chaos and other social issues.

How The Website Makes Money

GreatAndhara is a free-to-all website, which means that it can be accessed by anyone by simply typing its URL in the search bar of a search engine. However, this also means that the website does not charge its users to provide the news and information they seek. At the same time, it is also a fact that the website operates to make a profit. This is done through the various ads that are featured on the different pages of the website. The creators and owners of these ads pay the website for providing space to place the ads. In addition, the website is also paid every time a user clicks on one of the ads.

A Final Word

Overall, Great Andhra is a great choice for people seeking the latest news, updates, and information about the happenings within the Telugu community. It is extremely easy to access and provides good quality content in a simple, hassle-free and effortless manner. All the users need to do to assess the web portal is to click on the link provided below and enjoy their preferred news story in a detailed manner.

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