Popular Yet Affordable Perfumes For Girls Seeking A Long Lasting Refreshing Feel

Young girls, in general, tend to be extremely fussy and anxious about their looks and overall personality. Since smelling good is an important aspect of a pleasing personality, they naturally spend a considerable amount of time in ensuring the same. In this context, a good quality perfume that lasts long and is within their budget range seems to be the best solution. However, with a wide choice of perfumes from both international and domestic beauty brands available in the market, finding just the right one is not easy. To make choice simpler, given below are the brief details of some of the most popular and long-lasting perfumes available for girls.

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Beauty Brands Available Here

Mist Perfumed Cologne Spray From Yardley London

This perfumed cologne spray is designed to revive your mornings and fills you with the confidence to face the world. Packaged in a cute bottle, the perfume promises to offer the freshness of morning flowers that makes you feel completely refreshed and keeps you smiling through the day. The best thing about the perfume is that it is quite affordable being priced just at Rs.499 for 100ml bottle.

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Wild Rose Perfume Oil From Fabindia

If you are looking for a perfume that is mild and pleasant and lasts really long, then this fragrance from Fabindia is definitely the right choice. The sweet scent of roses offered by this perfume is sure to make you feel fresh and energized all day long. The simple bottle packing of 9ml is offered at a price of Rs. 265, which is justified by its long-lasting effect.

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Charlie EDT From Revlon

This enchanting perfume having a rose base and containing jasmine, ylang-ylang, and budget, makes you smell like flowers all day long. Packaged in a really cute bottle this divine fragrance acts as a perfect pick me up and makes you feel happy and joyful throughout the day. A 100ml bottle of this perfume is priced at Rs. 995 although many websites also offer it at significantly discounted prices.

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Yang Eau De Perfume For Women From Engage

The best aspect of this perfume is that it is hydrating and fruity and is packaged in a cute compact bottle that is easy to carry around. It is sure to keep you smelling fresh and feeling happy all day long and bring a smile to anyone who passes you by. The pocket-friendly perfume is offered at a price of Rs 499 for a 90ml bottle.

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Flower EDT From Colour Me

As the name suggests applying just a few drops of this mesmerizing perfume releases the fragrance of countless flowers making you feel completely refreshed, joyful, and ready to take on the world. Its intoxicating aroma and long-lasting effect make it a truly great accessory for every young girl. It is also the best choice for young ladies, who love a strong and sweet smell that automatically makes heads turn their way.Β  A 50ml packing of this perfume is priced at Rs. 450.

Scent Essence Romantic Bouquet Eau de Toilette From Avon

The floral fragrance of this perfume will freshen you up immediately even after a tiring day. The amazing smell of this perfume is further enhanced by its exclusive packing-which is more in style with the most expensive fragrances available in the market. However, surprisingly the scent won’t cost you as much as it seems given that it is priced at only Rs. 599 for a 30ml packing.


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Natural Vitality EDT From Adidas

If you are more sporty kind of a person, then this amazing perfume from world-renowned sports brand Adidas is definitely the right choice. The fruity fragrance that lasts all day long makes it perfect for everyday use and makes buying it a great decision for any young girl. A 50ml bottle of this wonderful spray of the joy of priced at Rs. 499.


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I Am Queen From Fogg

This fragrance from Fogg is crafted to make you feel truly on top of the world with a fresh and pleasing scent surrounding you at all times. The long-lasting perfume is sure to keep you happy and upbeat and give you the confidence to handle any and every challenge. Buy this wonderful spirit at the price of Rs. 500 for a 100 ml bottle.

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Women Eau de Parfum From Envy

Every single spray of this perfume brings with a fresh burst of mesmerizing aroma and a boost of hydration for you. You feel immediately refreshed and happy and the sensation lasts all day long just like the perfume itself. What’s more, you just have to shell out Rs. 249 for a 60ml packing of this perfume with an intoxicating and feel-good aroma.


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