Five Chest Workout Methods That Can Help Women Get Firmer And Perkier Breasts

Amongst the various body features that women tend to be extremely conscious and sensitive about, their breasts definitely top the list. This is evident from the fact that most females try out everything to enhance the shape and firmness of their breasts. From surgery to diet and even breast workout, nothing is too difficult or too complicated for the females to give a lift to their breasts. Of all the choices that women have, opting for the right workout methods is the best way to ensure breast lift naturally and most effectively. Discussed below are five such workout methods that can help the ladies to attain the objective of getting perfectly Perkier Breasts.

Perkier Breasts

Push Ups for Perkier Breasts:

Push-ups prove extremely effective in strengthening chest muscles which in turn helps to enhance the size and perkiness of the breasts. Hence it is no surprise that push-ups are the most popular exercise for the breast. Performing the standard push-ups comprises the following steps.
• Place your hands and feet on the ground while keeping your body fat.
• Make sure that your feet are touching and your hands are placed slightly wider than your shoulders.
• Lift up your entire body while transferring its weight onto your hands and toes and focusing on preventing your body from slouching.
• Lower down your body until your nose almost touches the floor and then lift it up again.
• Repeat the process as per your stamina and energy levels and gradually increase the repetitions to get better results.


Chair Dips:

This is yet another effective breast lift exercise that can be performed with nothing more than a kitchen chair. The exercise helps to strengthen the chest and shoulder muscles leaving you with more firm and perfectly shaped breasts. To perform the exercise, you should follow the below-listed steps.
• Sit on a normal kitchen chair while grabbing onto its sides.
• Next push yourself forward and off the seat.
• Bend your arms and slowly lower yourself towards the floor until the elbows are stretched at an angle of 90 degrees.
• Push yourself up back onto the chair slowly and return to the normal sitting position.
• Repeat the exercise as many times as you can, taking a short break after every few repetitions.


Y Raise:

This exercise proves effective in enhancing the perkiness of your breasts even when the focus is to reduce breast size. The exercise helps to strengthen not only the chest muscles but also the arm muscles, especially the upper arms. The exercise is performed in the following way.
• Take a pair of light dumbbells and stand tall with your feet placed at a hip-width distance.
• Slightly bend your knees while holding the dumbbells in front of the thighs.
• Maintaining your body balance, raise your hands above your head while drawing your shoulders down and back.
• Bring down your arms to the front holding position in slow and controlled manner.
• Repeat the exercise as many times as you can without feeling too exhausted, to get the best results.

y raise pose


This whole body workout proves extremely effective as a breast reduction exercise in addition to helping you lose weight. It proves especially helpful in toning the muscles of your upper body and giving it a stronger and firmer look. The exercise can be completed through the following steps.
• Start by performing a standard push up to the point where you raise your body back up.
• While keeping your palms firmly on the floor, raise your legs up and forward so that you end in a squatting position.
• Next, pick your hands off the floor and simultaneously push off with your legs to take a high jump.
• Once you have landed squat down again and replace your hands on the floor while jumping back to the push-up position.
• Repast the process all over again two-three times and gradually increase the number and rapidity of the repetitions.


Rear Lateral Raise:

This exercise is meant to enhance the strength and firmness of the muscles in the entire upper body and the arms. In addition to being an extremely good exercise to reduce breast size, it also helps to build the strength of the shoulder and arm muscles. Performing the exercise involves the following steps.
• Take a pair of light dumbbells and stand with your feet placed at hip-width.
• Bring your arms forward in such a manner that you end up holding the dumbbells in front with your palms facing forward.
• Slightly bend your knees while pushing out your hips and bringing your torso in a position that is almost parallel to the ground.
• Gradually raise your arms straight out on both sides up to shoulder height, without moving your torso.
• Return to the starting position in a slow and controlled manner without making any sudden moves to avoid injury.
• Repeat the exercise as many times as possible without exhausting yourself to get firmer and perkier breasts, that is sure to enhance your appeal.

rear lateral raise pose

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