Electronic Cigarettes – What Makes Them A Better Alternate For Smoking Addicts?

Often people addicted to smoking find it extremely difficult to get rid of the habit, despite being well aware of its harmful health effects. This is often quite frustrating for both the individuals as well as their loved ones, who are naturally worried about the health can be frustrating not only for them but also for their loved ones, who often feel concerned about the health risks of smoking. Thankfully, electronic cigarettes or e-cigs have come as a boon for such people. These artificial cigarettes reduce the harmful effects of smoking a tobacco filled paper roll by significant margins. However, before delving deeper into the reasons that make e-cigs a better alternative for smoking addicts, it is important to gain some basic information about this useful device.

Electronic Cigarettes

An Overview Of E-Cigarettes

E-cigs are battery operated electronic devices that produce nicotine vapors, which the users can inhale. These devices are generally shaped like a common cigarette and even dressed up on the outside in a similar fashion. This provides their users the same sensation and satisfaction as smoking a cigarette without the harmful effects of tobacco smoke. The most common design of e-cigarettes comprises of a mouthpiece or cartridge, a heating element, a rechargeable battery and electronic circuitry. When the users suck on the mouthpiece and the heating element is activated by a sensor. This, in turn, leads to the vaporization of the nicotine flavored liquid present in the mouthpiece. These vapors are then inhaled by the users satiating their craving for nicotine. The e-cigarette nicotine content varies from zero to extra high making it easier for the users to choose a gadget as per their specific needs.

Reasons That Make E-Cigarettes A Safer And Better Option

Over the past several years, the popularity of e-cigarettes has grown significantly. In fact, most people even consider them to be extremely helpful in enhancing their efforts to quit smoking. Β Discussed below are some key e-cigarette benefits that have made them a safer and better option for people addicted to smoking.

Minimize Health Risks:

The biggest benefit offered by e-cigarettes is that they help minimize the health risks associated with cigarette smoking. This is because these gadgets do not produce tar and carbon monoxide which are the two main toxic byproducts of tobacco smoke. Moreover, the other harmful chemicals produced by a normal cigarette are found in far lesser quantities in these electronic versions. Thus e-cigarettes are way safer than the normal cigarettes in term of the health risks associated with smoking.


Ease Of Use And Convenience:

The e-cigarettes are extremely easy and safe to use as compared to the normal cigarettes. The users do not have worry about carrying around a matchbox or a lighter along with the pack of cigarettes. Given their size and shape, the e-cigarettes can easily fit in the pocket of the users. Moreover, the smokeless e-cigarettes are also more discreet than the normal cigarettes and can save the users from potential embarrassment.


More Cost Effective Option:

Buying just one normal cigarette can prove to be quite expensive for the users and for most chain smokers the habit can become a major financial burden. That is why opting to invest in e-cigarettes proves to be a more cost-effective option for the smokers. These gadgets help them to avoid the huge medical bills resulting from the health issues caused by smoking. In addition, their reusability and long battery life ensure that users are able to save a decent some of the money by not buying cigarettes frequently.

Reduce The Tendency To Smoke:

As mentioned before, the amount of nicotine vapor released by e-cigarettes can vary from zero to maximum. This flexibility offered by the gadgets makes it extremely useful for people who want to give up smoking. They can control the intensity of nicotine and gradually reduce it until they bring it down to the minimal level. Even though the whole process might take a considerable amount of time, the users can surely hope to get rid of the habit in a safer and healthier manner.


Potential Risks Of Using E-Cigarette

As is the case with most other products, e-cigarettes also suffer from some drawbacks. Having proper information about them can help the smokers make an informed decision about e-cigarette use. The most important drawbacks of these devices are listed below.

  • Continuous use of e-cigarettes might lead to the development of oral healthcare issues. This generally includes a problem like bad breath and yellowing of teeth, which if not treated well in time can lead to serious complications.
  • Individuals using e-cigarettes might accidentally swallow the e-cigarette liquid which can prove to be fatal. This is often the case when the users suck too hard on the mouthpiece resulting in the liquid container getting pulled into their mouths.
  • In some individuals, the e-cigarette might become an addiction unto itself, rather than helping the users to quit smoking. There is also a chance that the people using these gadgets might resume normal cigarette usage better satisfy their nicotine cravings.
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