Ear Wax Removal – The Best Ways To Do It In A Safe Manner

The ear is one of the most vital yet delicate organs of the body. While it is important to keep the ear clean to avoid the possibility of infection, this should be done only after gaining proper knowledge and tools. Most people spend a considerable amount of time in removing the layer of wax that covers the ear canal, believing it be a cause of infection. However, such people are generally unaware of the fact that this layer acts as a natural protection for the skin of the ear canal. Therefore attempting any unwarranted ear wax removal might actually prove harmful to the ear rather than providing any benefits.

Ear wax removal


When Removing Ear Wax Becomes Necessary

In general, ear wax takes care of itself by moving throughout the ear canal and even getting disposed of through jaw movements. Despite the aforementioned facts, it might sometimes become necessary for an individual get rid of ear wax. This usually happens when there is the ear wax gets accumulated in large quantities, which might make the ears look unsightly or even lead to blocking the ear canal causing temporary hearing impairment. The best way to overcome such problems is to get rid of the ear wax build up in a safe manner using the right tools. Discussed below are some important things to remember about cleaning excessive wax build-up to prevent the risk of permanent hearing loss.

Don’t Try Digging It Out

Most individuals facing the problem of an excessive build-up of ear wax tend to be tempted by the thought of simply digging out the excess wax using inappropriate tools. The tools include ear cleaning, hair and safety pins, pencil tips and even earbuds, which rather than removing the wax effectively tend to cause greater damage to the skin of the ear canal. Moreover, trying to dig out the wax often causes it to set even deeper inside the ear canal and block it which can further hinder proper hearing amongst individuals.


Avoid Using Orthodox Methods for ear wax removal

Most people restore to using orthodox methods such as ear candling for ear wax removal at home. However, these methods like digging are likely to cause more damage than benefit to the individuals and hence are not recommended. Ear candling might in fact not only cause the wax to impregnate deeper into the canal but can even lead to severe burn injuries that might even result in complete disfigurement of the ear.


Don’t Try Syringing The Wax Out:

In the recent years, people have resorted to trying ear syringing at home. This means that they try to remove the wax by pulling it out with the help of a syringe. Not only is this method extremely risky, but it can cause major hearing complications if performed in an incorrect manner. That is why this method of resolving the problem of ear wax blockage is best left to expert medical professionals.


Best Methods Of Removing Ear Wax

Having learnt about the methods to avoid for cleaning the ears, it is time to learn about the best ways to remove ear wax. The most common and effective of these methods are discussed as follows.

Oil And Irrigate The Wax:

 This is perhaps the best way to clean ears of the excessive wax without harming them in any manner. Pouring a few drops of warm baby oil or olive oil into the ear canal two or three times a day for 5-7 days helps to soften the wax. Once the wax has become soft it can be easily removed with the help of curet. The curet is a small curved instrument used by the doctors for removing ear wax and can be easily obtained from a medical equipment store. An alternate method to remove the softened wax is that of ear irrigation, where the ear canal is flushed with warm water using a bulb syringe and holding a small dish under the ear to view any debris that is expelled from the ear.


Flush The Wax With Hydrogen Peroxide:

For individuals seeking an instant and best ear wax removal method, using hydrogen peroxide is the preferred choice. The individuals just need to squirt a syringe full of hydrogen peroxide into the ear canal and wait for 5-10 minutes. Next, they need to flush the ear canal with water to get rid of the debris that has been broken down by the chemical.


Use Ear Wax Drops:

These medicated drops are amongst the most commonly used ear wax cleaner tools. They work in a manner similar to that of oiling the ear wax to smoothen it. In most cases, the ear wax drops make the debris lose enough to make it the fallout of the ear canal on its own without the use of a cure. In addition, using the drops ensures also offers the additional benefit of eliminating any bacteria or infection causing germs that might be breeding within the excessive wax.



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