All You Need To Know About Dog Bite Infection And Its Home Remedies

Every year countless people need to be treated for a variety of animal bite infections or Dog Bite Infection.The most common of these infections are caused by dog bite injuries as these animals are the most preferred choice as pets amongst animal lovers across the globe. In most cases, the dogs bite only when they feel threatened, scared or overexcited. Even if the person, who has been bitten, is aware of the immunization status of the dog, administering proper first aid on the bitten area is extremely to minimize the chances of infection.

Dog bite infection

The dog bite first aid includes placing the bitten area under clean running water and washing it properly with an antiseptic soap. In the case of minor injuries, an antibiotic cream should be applied before binding the wound with a bandage. In the case of a deeper wound, the affected area should be pressed tightly to ebb the flow of blood. However, in both cases, it is essential to seek proper medical advice from a professional having ample expertise in treating people bitten by a dog, at the earliest to prevent the injury from turning into a complex health issue.

Causes Of Dog Bite Infection

Dog bite infection, like other animal bite infections, is often caused by the bacteria that are either already present in the bitten area of the person or come from the animal’s mouth. Many times the infection is even caused by the bacteria present in the environment.  In case the bitten off area is on fingers and hands, the chances of infection not only increase manifold but fighting them and curing them also proves to be an extremely difficult task. However, it is important to understand here that animal bite that does not actually cause the skin to break is least likely to become infected. This is because the bacteria need to penetrate the skin in order to breed the infection. Consequently, just simple scratches and scrapes have minimal risk of infection while with cuts and lacerations have the highest risk of infection.

bitten by a dog

Symptoms Of Animal Bite Infections

In order to be able to treat the infected bite successfully, it is important for the infected person to be able to recognize its symptoms. The most common symptoms of the bite had become infected include appearance of redness and swelling along with inflammation and pain around the bitten area. Other symptoms that might indicate the onset of infection of the animal bite is listed as follows.

  • The wound starts oozing pus or fluid
  • The skin around the bite becomes tender
  • The bitten people start experiencing loss of sensation around the wound area
  • In case of the finger of the hand having been bitten, its functionality might become limited
  • Red streaks start appearing around the bitten area.
  • Some people might experience swelling in the lymph nodes along with night sweats or chills and fever
  • The infected person might have bouts of fatigue, muscle weakness or tremors and even face breathing difficulties

In case a person with a dog bite starts to experience any of the above symptoms, they should immediately consult seek medical attention or opt for other methods of treatment.

Home Remedies For Treating Animal Bite

The first and perhaps the most important step of right treatment is ensuring the administration of proper first aid for the dog bite. The next step generally depends on the diagnosis of the bite by a medical professional. In most cases, a dog bite injection is prescribed for the patients to minimize any chances of infection. However, apart from these allopathic methods, people can also try the various home remedies for dog bite

Home Remedies for Dog bite

  • Sprinkling just a pinch of asafetida powder on and around the bitten area can prove extremely effective in treating the wound and also minimizing any chances of infection.
  • Applying a paste made from 20 soaked black peppercorns combined with some cumin seeds can help to not only treat the dog bite wound effectively but also prevent it from getting worse due to any kind of infection.
  • Burdock, which is renowned for removing any toxins and poisons from the body, is also an effective home remedy for the dog bite. Consuming a cup of tea or water having 10-25 drops of Burdock tincture mixed in it helps the wound to heal besides preventing any infections.
  • The anti-toxin properties of cumin seeds make them n effective home remedy for dog bites. Applying a paste of 2 teaspoons of cumin seeds soaked in water on the wound regularly helps in its faster healing in addition to keeping infection at bay.

Superfood garlic is also an effective remedy for the treatment of dog bites. The bitten person can apply a paste made from 2-3 garlic cloves on the bitten area or they can even consume the cloves as such, at least thrice daily for effective recovery from dog bites.

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