Get A Healthy And Glowing Skin With These Top Ten Bath Soap Brands

Having healthy and glowing skin is a desire cherished by most people as it makes them look and feel younger. It is this desire that leads people to try a wide range of products available in the market. However, most such people overlook the importance of a product that they use regularly on a daily basis to get flawless skin. This product is their everyday bath soap, which if chosen carefully can ensure skin health and beauty. Choosing the right bath soap can offer the benefits of great perfume, deep moisturization, and anti-bacterial properties. Given below are the brief details of the top ten bath soap brands that can help you get all the above benefits along with clear, healthy and beautiful skin.




Dove is definitely the leading skincare brand known primarily for its high-quality products that offer deep moisturization. In fact, every Dove soap bar is made up of ¼ fraction of milk, which provides enhanced skin hydration. Dove soaps are not just regular bath soaps but complete beauty bars in themselves as they offer complete and balanced nourishment for the skin. Regular use of Dove soap makes the skin appear clean and fresh besides making it look soft smooth and radiant. Hence, it is just the perfect choice for people seeking a naturally beautiful and healthy skin.




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Lux is one of the most popular and perhaps the oldest bath soap brands available in the market. It is promoted as a beauty soap brand favored by stars and celebrities, making it a bath soap that brings great pleasure to every woman.  Lux offers a wide variety of soaps each of which is enriched with different nourishing agents including rose extracts, milk cream, honey, almond oil, and fruit extracts. The soap is mild and available in different floral aromas and helps in making the skin tone fairer. Most importantly, the soap is also relatively inexpensive which also helps in making it a preferred choice for women seeking beautiful and healthy skin.


lux soap


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Pears is promoted as a brand that takes care of your skin in a mild and gentle manner. Made from pure glycerin and natural oil, the soap offers deep skin moisturization to keep it super soft and smooth. Using the soap regularly is the best way to pamper the skin and keep it looking beautiful and innocent. The mild fragrance and the soft leather produced by this rosemary enriched soap prevents the drying and breaking of the skin and keeps it looking glowing and fresh. This everyday bath soap offers a complete skin care solution in a budget-friendly manner.




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Mysore Sandal

This brand holds the distinction of making soaps containing pure sandalwood oil along with other natural vegetable oils. The soap offers the feeling of bathing in a royal luxurious style and is known to offer the best skin-care benefits. The soap offers protection against a wide range of skin problems and also offers the benefits of anti-aging and anti-oxidants. The grease healing and cooling properties of sandalwood help in treating dry, damaged skin, preventing acne and moisturizing the skin and lightening the skin tone. All the above properties make Mysore Sandal one of the best bathing bars to get beautiful and healthy skin through gentle natural care.

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A product of the famous ayurvedic brand of the same name, the soap is made from natural herbs and ingredients to provide best skin care. The soaps are made to be totally chemical free and help to remove dirt and dust accumulated on the skin in an effective manner. The brand offers soap bars in different variants to meet the skin care needs of individual users. However, every single bar comes with an assurance of deep moisturization for keeping the skin hydrated. It also helps to lighten and brighten the skin besides which its complete herbal population prevents any damaging side effects making it suitable for all skin types.


patanjli Soap


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This is one of the oldest neem based soap brands available in the market and has been a preferred brand for people across generations. The soap contains tulsi, neem and aloe extracts that help in providing natural skin protection along with a perfect cleansing experience. This mild cleansing formulation leaves a unique and subtle fragrance on the skin. It is a trusted choice of both the common people as well as medical professionals to gain relief from various skin infections and breakouts. The soap is a suitable choice for people seeking natural skin care in a budget-friendly manner.

hmam soap

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Santoor soap brand is known for offering the combined benefits of sandalwood oil and turmeric, two of nature’s most powerful skincare products.  The brand offers the soaps in multiple varieties each of which leaves the skin feeling extremely fresh and fragrant. The soft and mild texture of the soap results from the premium quality ingredients used for making it. Regular use ensures a naturally glowing and beautiful skin that feels soft and healthy to touch. The pocket-friendly pricing has helped the brand to attain the top position in this highly competitive niche within a relatively short time.

santoor soap


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